Every successful day comes to an end so why not  round it off by relaxing in the spy area? Swim a few laps in our indoor pool, recuperate in the sauna, and enjoy  the Mediterranean relaxation rooms with fresh spring water and a juice bar.

We will gladly arrange a relaxing massage or beauty treatment for you. For even more body pleasure, dive into the waterworld of the nearby (only 5 km) Fackelmann-Therme. Our hotel guests receive  a discount.


Our location in the heart of the Hersbrucker Switzerland leads you to numerous sights and attractions in the vicinity. You will find leisure and amusement parks, pools and lakes. Explore wonderful hiking, climbing and cycling trails. Whether you are with the  family, here as a couple or on your own discover numerous possibilities for your leisure time.  

Find out more, just contact us.


"A person needs a place where his thoughts, feelings and body can rest."

Oswald Chambers